Nehring introduces housing affordability legislation in Snohomish County

“Yesterday, Snohomish County Councilmember Nate Nehring presented the final piece of a suite of legislation aimed at promoting housing affordability in Snohomish County. The proposal is the last of four separate housing affordability ordinances and would reduce duplicative review steps as well as the overall cost of housing projects.
“’Housing affordability has become one of the most critical issues in Snohomish County and the Greater Puget Sound region,’” said Councilmember Nehring. “’Skyrocketing housing prices have put home ownership, which is a critical aspect of economic mobility, out of reach for many families. We must take action at the local level to boost home ownership opportunities in Snohomish County.’”
To address this issue, Councilmember Nehring has proposed four pieces of legislation that would allow for a more diverse array of housing options and would reduce bureaucratic red tape in the review process which often leads to increased costs to the homebuyer.”

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