Letter: Councilman Nehring supports county employees who serve in military

“As a father and husband whose wife and son have or are serving in the United States military, I always appreciate when our leaders demonstrate their support for those who have served the nation. I learned through the newspaper about County Councilmember Nate Nehring’s legislation to provide financial relief to the families of military service members when they are called into action. It was surprising to hear that prior to this important bill, Snohomish County employees who were reservists in the military had to take a massive pay cut (due to the difference between their regular wages and the much lower wages paid by the military) when they were called to serve our country. That isn’t right. Kudos to Nate Nehring for finding a fix to this so that military reservists and their families can have some financial stability. I am proud to be represented by Nate on the County Council and will be voting for his re-election in November.”


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